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When a step back is a step in the right direction.

Updated: Dec 30, 2019


A bit about me: my name is Marina Bommarito. I am a Board Certified Neuro-therapist with Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health and Counseling AND I am "homeless".

Well, kinda. I am currently living on the road in my camper van. I sold all my belongings, and took what societally seems like a step back in life, to reach my goals.

It has been a consistent dream of mine to be a traveler. I have spent months in the Philippines, Costa Rica, Africa, all over Europe, and Guatemala. Sleeping on the ground, taking bucket showers, and eating traditional meals of the cultures I was immersed in. I feel like I have been called to be a learner in this world. But not only a learner, also a helper and a share-er (if we can make that a word).

It is my goal for the next year to get a better understanding of this world we live in. I am seeing life through new perspectives and learning so much while on a road living out of a 5 by 10 foot box on wheels. So giving up what seems like a very comfortable lifestyle may look like I am taking a step back in what the world would call a successful life. But in my reality, it is avery important first step in the right direction for what I would call an invaluable experience which leads to successful lives.

While I am out here, I want to be able to inspire and motivate you to take the first step. To stick your little toe outside of your comfort zone. To help you manifest your own potential and to BLOW YOUR OWN MIND.

I am taking my knowledge, skills, and experience on the road and will be available to schedule life coaching appointments via face time, zoom, and phone calls. Become your inner self, your higher self, your true self.

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