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When You Want To But Your Brain Won't Let You - Neurofeedback for Motivation

Motivation, or lack thereof, can truly affect so much in our lives. Whether it’s taking care of your body, taking care of your mind, or taking care of your home. If we aren't motivated to get things done, they will stay on that to-do list forever. This can create symptoms of anxiety where we feel like we have so much to do it is almost paralyzing. It can also create feelings of inadequacy or depression where we don’t even want to try to get anything done out of fear of not being able to get it all done. This is a thought pattern often found when we see things as all or nothing, black or white, either I do everything perfectly, or nothing at all. This type of thinking can block us from reaching our goals and potential.

Lot’s of things can affect our motivation that we are not even aware of. Lack of motivation can be a manifestation of anxiety, it can be a symptom of depression, it can be fear of trying and failing, fatigue, exhaustion, lack of good sleep patterns, it can be problems focusing or an unknown information prioritization issue.

All these possible reasons that your brain won't allow you to be productive can be detected in what is called a qEEG (Quantitative Electroencephalogram) or Brain Map. With neurofeedback, you utilize the qEEG to understand your brain performance and functioning. Then, once you get a good idea of why it might not be performing the way you want it to, you can train the specific parts of your brain to effectively function giving you the hoped for results. Using theories backed by science based on operant conditioning and neuroplasticity there is amazing evidence that proves our brains learn new ways to function and remember these new patterns. This is an alteration in brain functioning that will change the way you respond to certain situations giving you the ability to choose what you want to focus more energy on and being more in control of your thoughts and actions rather than feeling like your brain is controlling you without your say.

Neurofeedback helps clients find the motivation to reach their individual goals by training specific brainwaves. Clients all over the spectrum are training their brains for peak performance. Anything from training for a 10 day intense bike race across the rocky mountains, to others who have just experienced a traumatic brain injury due to a stroke and need the motivation to move their right pointer finger a half of an inch.

This is a safe, drug-free and non-invasive way to get results. This is not a guess and check system working with harsh pills or chemicals your body doesn't know how to work with. Another major aspect of neurofeedback is that not all anxious brains look the same, not all depressed brains look the same, not all brains who are lacking motivation look the same. Therefore, there is no one size fits all approach to healing and reaching individual goals. It is such a validating experience to take an objective look at your qEEG data and see how the activity in your brain shows up objectively not only subjectively and to get a treatment plan based specifically on that individual data.

Once you know how your brain is working against you, you can begin to help it work with you!


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